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Air Massaging Orthotic Shoe Insoles (KH-101, 102, 103)


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  • Our feet bear our burdens and keep us standing for the long term. Don’t they deserve the best? Now JFT provides the therapeutic massaging insoles pad. No more swollen feet and backaches caused by the poor standing position and a constant foot massage while walking. Thanks to the unique airflow pattern cell which will provide you with all-day care!
  • Air-filled cell shoe inserts have been cleverly designed to allow your foot to float on top of the air cell. Feel now the instant pain relief and say goodbye to foot and knee pains once and for all. Made from 100% TPU pure air cell these insoles will give you the sense of walking on water.
  • Multi-purposed orthotic shoe pads for people who need to be standing for long hours, which will fulfill all your demanding daily needs. These massaging insoles are ideal for back pain treatment and will help you reduce the effects of fibromyalgia, heel spurs, and plantar fasciitis. You may rest assured about that!
  • They will absorb shock and give arch support thus increasing the blood circulation levels of your whole body. Say goodbye to stress, feet fatigue, and unbearable pains thanks to their divine massaging properties! Our air-filled foot insoles will require trim to fit your size, which could refer to our video for more instruction.
  • What are you waiting for? Give your feet endless comfort and pain relief by simply putting in your shoes. Our product comes with a 30 money-back guarantee just in case you have any issues with it. Our lifetime warranty may assure you that you simply won’t have any!